Since 1999, the Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center has worked to improve our community’s response to child abuse: a true public-private partnership.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center is to provide justice, hope, and healing to children and their families through a collaborative response to child abuse, which includes awareness, prevention, and protection.

The Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center is where the healing begins.
— Julie Pierce, Board President

We Provide Justice

The ECCAC employs professionals who are expertly trained to provide forensic interviews for children who have potentially been a victim of child abuse or sexual assault, are a witness of abuse, or who have been involved with a violent crime or child death.

Our center works with law enforcement, Child Protective Services, and the County and District Attorney’s Office to provide a developmentally sensitive, legally sound, culturally competent forensic interview of possible child victims and/or witnesses.


We provide hope

Our Family Advocacy Program provides hope through support and information for caregivers about the center and the criminal justice process. The Family Advocate provides crisis intervention and an assessment of needs, information about Victims Compensation and assists with completing the Victim Compensation Application, and makes referrals to other community resources such as for food or clothing, for example. The Family Advocate makes referrals and provides information about free mental health services available to them. Advocates also maintain contact with the family throughout the investigative and prosecutorial process and offers support such as court accompaniment.


We provide healing

Our Mental Health Program provides trauma-informed mental health assessment and treatment for children and non-offending caregivers free of charge. Services include therapeutic sessions for child victims, siblings, and caregivers. Our center offers Child-Centered Play Therapy, Family Therapy, and Support and Educational groups for children and parents.